Mayor Rob Ford is a Big Dummy-Dum-Dum

a drawing of toronto mayor rob ford surrounded by halloween decorations

Sooooooo… Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair came out today and confirmed that the police are in possession of the Rob Ford crack, although some sources have said that the video that the police are in possession of is actually longer than the one that the reporters were shown by the drug dealers in May.

And, of course, Mayor Rob Ford has said that he will not resign, because Rob Ford is a comedy genius and he’s going to run the joke that is his mayoral term right into the ground.

Seriously, seeing an elected official addressing drug abuse allegations, while surrounded by Halloween decorations, was hilarious.

Alexander Lisi

a drawing of a alexander lisi dancing with some marijuana

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s driver/body-guard/drug dealer/best buddy, Alexander Lisi, was just arrested on several drug related charges including marijuana trafficking.

Man, Canada must have the least skilled paparazzi in the world. In Europe, they can take topless photos of Kate Middleton from 3 miles away, but here they can’t catch a portly, dim-witted mayor doing drugs, even when the clues as to when and where he’s doing it are pretty much common knowledge.

Topical Tagging ‘Tober

So, I’ve decided that this month will have two themes: topical events and tag filling. Because I am running out of original ideas and I really hate when one of my tags only has one drawing in it!

a drawing of the government shutdown button
The beautiful, shiny button! The jolly, candy-like button!

Hey, my southern neighbours! I heard that your congress pitched a hissy fit and shut down the government. Don’t worry, we have loads of hockey equipment up here that we can sell you, if guys find yourselves in a Road Warrior-esque situation and need the requisite attire.