What is this website about?

  • This is the blog where I post a doodle every day.

Hey! It’s a new day and there isn’t a new doodle! What gives?

  • Doodles are posted anytime within the 24 hours of a day. You can check at midnight Eastern Time and there’ll definitely be a new doodle up by then, unless I’ve messed up. You can also follow my twitter, @Laurel_Green, or the RSS feed, to receive update notifications.

Who is Laurel Green?

  • Laurel is an oversized female lemur, born in 1987, in southern Ontario.

How do I contact Laurel Green?

What are your commenting policies?

  • Please do not use obscenities.
  • Please do not spam.
  • Feel free to comment on ancient posts. I like knowing that my old stuff is still getting noticed
  • Please talk to me. I’m so lonely.

May I share things from this website on other sites, like Pinterest or tumblr?

  • You can share my stuff wherever you like, as long as you credit me and leave any watermarks or signatures intact.
  • Please do not leech my images.
  • If you wish to use my work or derivatives of my work for commercial purposes, you must contact me and obtain my permission.

Creative Commons License
This work by Laurel Green is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Hey! I can’t find the post I’m looking for! Where is it?

  • If you are having trouble finding a post you can try looking in the sitemap or the archives. There is also a searchbar in the sidebar.

There are so many different sections to this website, how can I possibly keep track of them all?

What is Laurel Green's Bitcoin (BTC) wallet address?

  • BTC: 3CSN81sLpHj5dHMhTYAGgrA748xH1pvvFF

What is Laurel Green's Ethereum (ETH) wallet address?

  • ETH: 0x95eC3BE85ea2B24aeb8b02598009309CC8D24b24

What is Laurel Green's Litecoin (LTC) wallet address?

  • LTC: ML4Hapd9BiZ9i37dudJcVZa8ECMS9ra4tz

What is Laurel Green's Basic Attention Token (BAT) wallet address?

  • BAT: 0xA1A35275BfB4F92d1d9Bb482c1FcC79a243a35eC

Does Laurel Green have a Patreon page?

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