a drawing of a football

Argh. Everybody won’t be quiet about all the football games, and I suspect that it is just going to get worse as Thanksgiving Day approaches.

Also, I just created the “sports” tag for this post and, according to the rule I just created for Topical Tagging ‘Tober, that means that I will have to draw something sports-related for tomorrow as well. Bleh.

Tesla Model S Fire

a drawing of a tesla model s on fire
Oh noes!

So, recently, a Tesla Model S electric car caught fire after it had experienced a collision. This has caused Tesla’s stock to plummet. This upsets me, because this is the first ever fire reported for an electric car and it wasn’t even a spontaneous fire, the car had been in an accident. I just hope this incident doesn’t hold up technological advancement. We have waited long enough for a practical electric car.

And, really, people thought that battery powered cars were totally safe prior to this? Ha! Take a hammer to your cell phone’s battery, if you think that is true!

Asian Giant Hornet Larva

a drawing of an asian giant hornet lying in some goo

Apparently, there has been a rash of deaths lately, caused by people getting stung by Asian giant hornets.

This is what I imagine and Asian giant hornet’s larva to look like, because I couldn’t actually find a picture of one online. I can’t believe the internet failed me!


Alexander Lisi

a drawing of a alexander lisi dancing with some marijuana

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s driver/body-guard/drug dealer/best buddy, Alexander Lisi, was just arrested on several drug related charges including marijuana trafficking.

Man, Canada must have the least skilled paparazzi in the world. In Europe, they can take topless photos of Kate Middleton from 3 miles away, but here they can’t catch a portly, dim-witted mayor doing drugs, even when the clues as to when and where he’s doing it are pretty much common knowledge.