Double Duodenary Doodle Day 2015 #24 – Hatred

a drawing of an angry laurel green holding a gun and a sword


I’ve developed a deep-seated hatred for all living things.


Well, there you have it, internet, 24 hours completed.

G’Night and remember that I hate each and every one of you with the fury of a thousand suns, and that’s not just the exhaustion talking.

Dimoitou is Out of His Gourd

a drawing of dimoitou holding a gun and knife
Bonjour sucka!

If you need to know what Dimoitou is, click here!

I’m pretty sure that I drew this exact same thing, when I was around ten-years-old, because one day, when my French class was being especially bad, the French teacher threatened to shove the Dimoitou puppet down someone’s throat.

Rumour has it that that teacher had a nervous breakdown and was found crying on the floor in the corner of the teacher’s lounge, because we just stressed him out that much.

He was always bragging about how he didn’t have a TV at home and how his children weren’t allowed to watch TV. I say, that if he had mellowed out and watched a little TV once in a while, he wouldn’t have been wound up so tight. You’ve got to have a little down time to recuperate, you know?