Double Duodenary Doodle Day 2015 #24 – Hatred

a drawing of an angry laurel green holding a gun and a sword


I’ve developed a deep-seated hatred for all living things.


Well, there you have it, internet, 24 hours completed.

G’Night and remember that I hate each and every one of you with the fury of a thousand suns, and that’s not just the exhaustion talking.

Double Duodenary Doodle Day 2015 #01 – Awakening

a drawing of laurel green waking up with her dog on the bed


I awoke!


Hello, Internet, and welcome to this year’s Hourly Comic Day!

I’m starting super early this time, because I want to get to bed at a halfway decent time, on account of it being Sunday.

I’m already wicked tired, because my dog, who is now sleeping soundly, kept waking me up. Don’t worry! I’ve got some cola and a frozen pizza on standby for a pick-me-up.