Apple iPad Air

a drawing of an apple ipad air

Sure, the original iPad worked just fine for watching movies and playing Angry Birds, but you need this one because it’s all newerer and stuff.

I don’t get Apple’s rationale in naming it’s products these days. Why would they name the newest iPad after it’s line of thin laptops? Are they planning on discontinuing the Air laptops and and only selling iPads? It just seems like it would confuse consumers.

Tesla Model S Fire

a drawing of a tesla model s on fire
Oh noes!

So, recently, a Tesla Model S electric car caught fire after it had experienced a collision. This has caused Tesla’s stock to plummet. This upsets me, because this is the first ever fire reported for an electric car and it wasn’t even a spontaneous fire, the car had been in an accident. I just hope this incident doesn’t hold up technological advancement. We have waited long enough for a practical electric car.

And, really, people thought that battery powered cars were totally safe prior to this? Ha! Take a hammer to your cell phone’s battery, if you think that is true!