Lunenburg Nova Scotia is on FIRE!

a drawing of a girl being driven mad by fire

As we speak, by the waterfront in Lunenburg Nova Scotia, right nearby the house I’m staying, there is a three storey building burning down. I hear tell that it is not in fact the Foodland, but a building directly adjacent to the Foodland. I hope the Foodland doesn’t burn down. I don’t want to have walk all the way down to the Atlantic Save Easy, just to get milk.

Anyway, doesn’t this show how dedicated I am to my whole stupid “DOODLE EVERY SINGLE DAY” project? I should be running for my life, but I instead sitting here and drawing stupid junk.

I also got some pictures of the fire, but I don’t think that any of them turned out well. I have no idea how to shoot fire at night.

*UPDATE: I’ve uploaded the photographs that I took for people that are interested in seeing how bad they are. CLICK HERE!*